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Of all the rental business sectors, event hire is the most challenging, with the most varied demands, workflows and feature requirements. With so many different different lines of stock for hire, with crew allocation, cross hires, route planning and so many other variants, to efficiently manage this huge complexity you need affordable, easy to use, powerful and feature rich hire software, built for your industry.

As HireHop is the only event hire software that more than meets these demands, and due to its power, unique features and its ease of use, most of the largest event rental companies in the UK have switched to HireHop to manage their businesses.

Event Hire Software Specific Needs

Event hire software makes spectacular events easy

At HireHop we don’t want you to change your workflow, after all, it’s your business and you should run it the way you want to, and not based on the limitations of other software.  This is why there are numerous ways to do the same thing in HireHop, as well as the ability to customise it to make it work the way you want it to, and do what you want it to do, not the other way round.

HireHop was built with the complexities of event rental in mind. Built with functionality to make your workflow more efficient and cost effective without breaking the bank, thus helping your business run more smoothly.  This gives you more time and money to grow your business, instead of wasting time on administration or battling with software to work around your workflows.

AV hire software quote documentsCreate Amazing Looking Quotes

A basic or bad looking quote can severely damage your reputation and how clients perceive you. HireHop helps you stand out from the crowd, giving you that extra advantage by letting your customers see that your document presentation is as professional as the service you offer.

HireHop has the most advanced, yet easy to use document engine in the world, enabling you to produce amazing and professional looking quotes at the click of a mouse.

Prevent the disappointment of losing lucrative event hires due to basic quotes, and let HireHop give you that upper hand over your competitors.

Lighting, Sound, Rigging, Staging & AV Rental Software

AV, Lighting, rigging, furniture, catering and sound equipment rental softwareWith some of the largest rigging, AV, lighting and sound hire companies in the world now using HireHop, all switching from their old software, a testimony to how powerful and beneficial HireHop is and how beneficial it can be for you.

HireHop not only manages your stock, it can record PAT tests, Loler tests, as well as print out certificates for all items on a job, by literally the press of a button.  It has multi-depot functionality, with cross-depot hires, and even crew planning modules.

Furniture and set hire softwareCatering & Furniture Rental Software

Furniture and catering rental companies have their own unique demands, from using product codes, to chair frames with different seat cushion options, something HireHop not only has, but also makes it easy for the user to manage.  With some of the largest furniture hire companies now adopting HireHop, you can be assured that by switching to it, you have made the right decision.


Event Production Hire Software

Every event is different, some events, such as your own productions, will be based on a single day hire charge at a higher base price, others, such as rental to a theatre are based on a theatre week, or a dry hire maybe on a three day week, etc.  HireHop is the only event hire software than can handle all of the event hire demands with ease, as well as numerous ways to discount lines or entire jobs in order to accomplish your client’s budget, as well as enabling you to manage your profit margin.
This and other unique features makes HireHop perfect to manage your events, purchase orders and the hires you offer for them.

Hire software barcodeBarcodes For Your Hire Software

Some companies barcode their products, others don’t.  HireHop can work with or without barcodes, or even a mixture of both scenarios.  HireHop can even generate barcodes for you, or you can use preexisting barcodes.  HireHop also works with almost every barcode scanner, albeit on normal barcodes or QR codes, it even works with RFID labels.

Free Event Hire Software

As our ethos is to deliver a product that helps event hire and rental companies like yours, we even offer a free version of HireHop software for small single user companies to help them get off the ground.

Try HireHop today for free or contact us to arrange a free demo.