We nearly all use accounting software, whether it be Xero, QuickBooks, Sage or something else. In an ideal world, your rental management software and your accounting software will talk to each other, so that they can exchange information on invoices, credit notes or purchase orders that have been created or changed, and payments that have been made, something known as bi-directional synchronization.

Synchronise with accounting software

HireHop can achieve this with popular accounting packages like Xero and Quickbooks, or merely export invoice data in CSV format for desktop products such as Sage, negating the need to manually enter accounting information twice. With HireHop‘s bi-directional synchronisation, your staff will know what has been paid and what is owed, without the need to access your accounting software.

Synchronisation is easy, it is literally done by the click of a mouse, and some accounting software, like QuickBooks, makes it even easier by instantly informing HireHop when an invoice has been paid.