Your jobs can be large or small, but regardless of size you need accuracy, accountability, efficiency and to eliminate mistakes in the warehouse. The larger jobs need all your warehouse staff to know what the others have done, and what is left to do, in real time, as well as the ability to use their own barcode scanner, tablet or computer instead of a shared one.


Synchronised Scanning

HireHop synchronises all devices and computers working on the same job, letting them talk to each other, thus keeping every terminal updated in real time, without you having to refresh or reload.

With its advanced scanning functionality, HireHop even knows which assets are inside boxes. HireHop can add items on the fly (without them being in your supplying list), tell users checking other jobs if you have used their items, print box contents or PAL labels, as well as having many other unique features.

Works With or Without Barcodes

HireHop can work with or without barcodes, it can even mix both options together in the same job, as you might have some assets barcoded, and others not.

Barcode Commands

HireHop has a set of barcode commands that tell the software what to do, like “open a box”, “close a box”, “allow extras” (start free scanning), etc. This, along with the distinctive sounds, enables users to quickly check and load equipment, improving efficiency in the warehouse and thus saving time and money.

Collaborative and Informative

HireHop allows you to see what other users have done as they do it. You can see what a box has inside it, what stock has been checked in or out, what is remaining, and who has done what and when they did it.

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