Press Release (30/06/2023)

Maintenance app

Over the last 9 months, HireHop Equipment Rental Software have released a plethora of new and unique features, advancing even more the functionality of an already market leading powerful software solution, that in a short space of time, has been adopted by some of the largest companies in the industry, as well a multitude of medium and small companies.

Listening to the needs of their users, HireHop have implemented various new features and enhanced existing ones to not only meet the varied demands of their users, but to make the software more efficient and scalable.

Not only have HireHop been adding numerous features, they have also been working on their server infrastructure by adding more servers around the globe inside the AWS framework they utilise, they have also been developing new and advanced techniques behind the scenes to improve speed, reliability and performance.

  • Maintenance module – Improving on the previous maintenance functionality, the new module allows users to log faults, repairs, tests, services and more for each asset or in bulk, and can even use the phone camera as a barcode scanner, all at no extra cost.
  • Charging suspensions – This unique feature not only lets you suspend charging a customer over a period of time, it also enables you apply a discount to selected items over a period, for example, during a 4 day transport, you want to reduce the rental charge by 50% for only those 4 days, or you could suspend charging for days when the kit is not in use.
  • New reportsHireHop have added numerous new financial, maintenance and equipment reports.
  • Second level pre-prep – When you prepare kit in a box, that box can contain another box of kit.
  • Unlimited dates for a job – You can now add an unlimited amount of additional dates to a job, for example you could add rehearsal times, holidays, etc, all of which can be added manually or automatically based on the type of job.
  • Delivery, collection and usage address – Sometimes a single delivery address on a job is not enough, and additional addresses like the collection address, or the address where the equipment will be used are also needed within a job.  A new feature in HireHop allows you to optionally add these extra addresses or just let them default to the delivery address.
  • More speed increases – Not only have HireHop added new servers, but they have also optimised the system, developing new techniques to make an already fast software even faster.  Seeing how some users click around the software at lightning speeds, HireHop realised that even a tenth of second speed increase for an operation is important and lets the user feel how solid and stable the software is.
  • Other new featuresHireHop have added many other minor features, like asset income statistics, more availability options, more charging options and structures, making pages more mobile friendly, new user permissions, users can use different online payment integration to their customers for each depot, estimated costs, bulk editing of jobs, and many more.

HireHop still offer a free version of their software, so why not start using it for free and get a free demonstration to see why so many companies are switching to it.