Powerful new rental calendar features

rental business calendar

HireHop now has complete and powerful calendar functionality, extending its internal and external features, with the ability to synchronise with multiple external calendar apps. HireHop now gives each user their own personal calendar that can also be synchronised with other apps.  Other features added include more languages, navigation menu, and a chart feature for items with different dates to the job dates.

New Calendar Features

The calendar and job and project schedule has been completely re-written to give additional functionality and a performance boost.  The calendar now supports (on a per user basis):

  • Customisation of the calendar, what it shows and how it looks.
  • Creation of multiple ical calendar links to use in other calendar apps such as Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple iCal, etc. all with various filter options.  For example you can create a link that lists one type of job and a link for another, and then use both of those links in your other calendar app, even colouring them differently should the app allow it.
  • Import from multiple calendar sources, so you can now import from Google Calendar, Microsoft 365 and many more calendar feeds at once into each user’s HireHop calendar.
  • Filter job and project parameters, as well as splitting the dates.  Some companies had maybe 100 jobs or more going on per day, and with the bars stretching across from start to finish, each day was awash with bars.  You can now change this so that only a single entry appears at the start and the end of the job or project and the bar doesn’t span all the days between.  You can also filter jobs or projects dependant on their status, types or if you are a manager.
  • HireHop now gives each user their own personal calendar so they can create their own diary entries from within HireHop (as well as share them with other attendees), as well as the ability to set alarms and set repeats.  So if you have a hire that needs maintenance every 2 weeks, add a diary entry in the job schedule that you can even share with other participants outside of HireHop, that will also appear in their calendar feed.
  • You can generate ical links for every resource and supplier, so they get up-to-date diary entries of what they have been contracted to supply you in their own calendar or phone, that even change as you make changes from within HireHop.

Navigation Menu

A simple feature suggested by a new user was to add a navigation shortcut menu on the top right of every page, enabling you to go to different pages in HireHop without going via the home page.

Chart Column

As HireHop supports different dates for items inside a job, we added a more visual way for you to see this.  There is now an option to show a chart column in job supplying list that shows blocks that portray the dates for items with different dates set.

Other Improvements

The Estonian language was added, you can now set job delivery & collection defaults, country of origin was added in consumables, you can add a nominal group to custom items in the supplying list and individual memos for invoice and credit note line items has also been added. Stronger password encryption has also been implemented behind the scenes, being something you wouldn’t notice, but gives you the reassurance that it is now even more impossible to decrypt your passwords stored in HireHop, as well as allowing us to get more cyber security accreditation.

Performance Increase & Bug Fixes

Some parts of HireHop gained a significant performance boost such as loading of lists.  Some companies with hundreds of thousands of lines of stock experienced up to 20 seconds of waiting time when opening filtered lists, which was reduced to 0.3 seconds.  There are also other minor performance increases throughout the system and some very minor bug fixes.

Warehouse screen, faster servers and more…

Rental software barcode scanning

HireHop equipment rental software now has a dedicated warehouse screen and we have also moved to faster servers.  Furthermore, we have released other features, such as webhooks, to allow external software to respond to changes done within HireHop.  Other features added include more languages, decimal values for sales items, sharing of documents, and other improvements.

Warehouse Screen

We have added an easy-to-use warehouse screen within HireHop that is similar to an airport arrivals and departures notice board.  The screen shows all jobs and subcontracted services that are coming in and out over a certain period of time.  It automatically updates itself and can also be used to check items in and out all from one screen.


We have also added extensive webhooks throughout the system which enables you to set a web address that HireHop calls when it has done a selected task.  HireHop then sends through the appropriate data to the desired web address.  For instance, when a job status is changed, HireHop can notify another piece of software or website what the status was changed to, what it was changed from, and what job it was changed for.  There are numerous other events you can also assign webhooks to.

Sharing Documents

You can now share live links to documents in HireHop with users outside the system.  For instance, you could create a resource or subcontractor document, that lists all of the jobs they are doing for you, or a client document, that lists all of their ongoing hires. These links can be set to open a PDF or webpage that can be opened by anybody with the link (no login required) with live information.  For instance, if a customer has rented 7 items and opens the link, the document will show the 7 items rented.  If the customer returns 5 of the items then opens the link, the document will now show only the 2 items that remain rented.

Other Improvements

There are other minor new features like the ability to have up to 2 decimal places on quantities for sales items, the ability to set the nominal group on custom items in the supplying list, as well as German and Greek language and document support.

Server Upgrades

A huge undertaking was done to upgrade the HireHop core as well as the servers it runs on; this resulted in huge increases to our already super fast speeds. For example, supplying lists in jobs now loads with a 44% speed increase.  Even with the thousands of accounts and daily active users, HireHop was always the fastest equipment rental software on the market. But now, it’s even faster.

Customer specific pricing and other features

Customer specific pricingHireHop equipment hire and rental software enables you to have different prices or different price durations for specific customers.  We have also passed a security penetration test to give you peace of mind how secure your data on HireHop is.


For some clients pricing may be different for certain items, as you may want to charge them different prices than normal, or you may want to charge them weekly instead of daily, or maybe just give them a different price for an item when you are using price group B and every other price group is as normal.  These special pricing rules can be set for hire stock, sales stock and labour in the “Client pricing” tab of the relevant management page within HireHop.  We have also given viewing and setting these prices specific user permissions, so some users can’t see them, or edit them, etc., it’s up to you.

You can already set customers to have default discounts or to be charged a specific price group, as well as applying bulk discount to a job, etc., however this gives you yet another way to apply pricing so that HireHop works around you and not the other way around.

You can now re-scan out a barcode on a job even if it has been previously scanned back in.  So if an tool comes back for repair and exchanged for another and the replacement is returned for repair, the now repaired original tool can be sent back out again on the same job.

There has been other minor updates and improvements in HireHop due to feedback from our users:

  • You can now import data using XLSX files as well as CSV files.
  • HireHop is now an approved Quickbooks app.
  • We have upgraded the Microsoft login with a newer version
  • Other small enhancements in reports, etc.

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ePOS Cash Register for Rental Software

POS for rentalsIt’s good to have software for your rental business that is really powerful and packed full of features, however some users, like those working at the front desk, need a simple and easy interface to process rentals and sales.

HireHop Equipment Rental Software have now released a cash register / POS interface that works on any computer, iPad or even phone.  Designed to be used by a touch device and feel like a modern cash register, this feature allows quick and easy processing of rentals and sales.


HireHop is the most powerful rental software in the world, with a plethora of features, but not all of your users need to use these features, and only require a quick and simple to user interface, something the temporary staff can operate without the need for training.

Included free within HireHop is a screen that you can use on any touch device that looks, feels and operates like a modern touch screen cash register or ePOS.  For instance, you can have one on the rental counter to process walk-in customers who want to rent stuff, or maybe just want to buy parts or other sales stock.

For instance, you might have a tool rental shop or a bike rental shop, and don’t need all the features offered in HireHop jobs.  The ePOS allows you to quickly process the orders, take payments and issue contracts, all via a simple to use touch screen interface.

The complete version of HireHop is still accessible on these devices, and every rental or sales job created on it is still accessible via the standard interface and visa-versa.  Using the ePOS cash register screen, you can still issue invoices, take payments, print contracts, check equipment in and out, etc.

HireHop strives to bring your rental company more and more unique features, enabling you to streamline and speed up your admin and workflow, thus saving your business time and money.

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Calculated supplying list items – Percentage based line items of various sub totals

Calculated rental percentage itemHireHop Equipment Rental Software now gives you the ability to add line items into a job rental  supplying list.  These items are automatically calculated at a required percentage, based on the prices certain types of other items in the list.


In a job supplying list, you can add chargeable items such as hire, sales, labor and custom items.  What if you want to add a damage waiver percentage, commission or an extra tax that updates itself when any other price in the list changes.  We call these calculated items, and you can have as many as you want in a job, set each one to any percentage as well as set each one to be dependent on a single or multiple type of other items.

Some examples of there uses are as follows:

  • Damage Waiver
    A calculated item can be added as a damage waiver insurance if the customer doesn’t have sufficient insurance.
  • Commission
    You can add a calculated item based on every priced item in the list to add an additional commission.
  • Tax
    If you want to add taxes inside the supplying list instead of in the invoice, you can do so here.

When a calculated item is in an invoice, it works the same as before, except it is based on the totals in the invoice.  For example, a three week hire comes to £300 and you issue an invoice weekly at £100.  The calculated item in the supplying list is at 10%, so it will be £30, however for each of the three £100 invoices, the calculated item will be £10.

HireHop strives to bring your rental company more and more unique features, enabling you to streamline and speed up your admin and workflow, thus saving your business time and money.

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Reserve assets, multiple email accounts + more…

Reserving Assets

By popular demand – you can now pre-book specific assets onto jobs!

To reserve an asset onto a future Job, within the Supplying List, simply select the Stock item in question, click on Menu and Reserve Assets.

You will then be greeted with a pop-up screen similar to the below showing all the assets available to be reserved. Choose the asset/s and Save.

Note that the status of the job must be Provisional or onwards in order to reserve assets.

To enable permission to reserve assets, go Home-Settings-Users-Menu-User Permissions and ensure reserve assets is checked.

Additionally, from the Asset page, you can now also view all reservations for an asset via the Reserved tab!

Of course, you can also build documents, reports and Carnets with reserved asset fields. Look for fields containing ‘reserved’ through our list of fields, to see all fields available to use for our HireHop Documents, by clicking here.

Use Multiple Email Addresses

Only with HireHop!

All users now have the ability to set up unlimited email accounts and choose which email address an email is sent from.

Every email is sent from you, saves in your email sent folder AND on the Job too!

Office 365 Integration

And now with seamless Office 365 integration! Simply enter your 365 hosted email address into your email settings and you’re ready to go. You don’t even need your password. If you are not a 365 user, you can also choose from Microsoft Exchange and Google servers, or simply input your IMAP and SMTP settings.

Don’t forget you can also sign into HireHop using your Office 365 or Google credentials.

Flagged Status on Assets

Do you ever have an asset that is damaged but still usable? Use the flagged asset status to note any issues but keep the asset in stock.

You can view flagged asset information on the Availability Grid and within a Job too.

First Day of the Week

Each user can now select their own option for the first day of the week.

Navigate Home-Settings-Your Settings-First Day of the Week to select your preferred option.

Numbering PDF Pages

Print or Email your PDF Documents in the normal way and check the ‘Add page numbering’ box for a simple way to include page numbers on the bottom of each page.

Exporting Stock Data to Your Website

Generate an export link to integrate to your own website via our powerful API.

You can generate the data link from the Menu of Hire Stock Management-Get data link, ensuring that an administrator has first set an export key from Company Settings.

General Improvements and Speed Enhancements

We can’t list every update we do (you’ll get bored reading through the long list), as we regularly release new minor enhancements and features to help make your life easier such as more document fields, system speed increases, additional data fields and the list goes on.

More modern themes

Home screenHireHop Equipment Rental Software has improved the look and feel of the software by modernising all of the themes, giving the user a fresh new feel.  So now when you fancy a new theme, they all look a bit more modern.


Looking at the same software every day can be tedious, so of course HireHop has a multitude of themes so that so that each user can customise how their HireHop looks and feels.

Not only can users customise the themes, they can set the tiles on their home screens and even have grids layed out how they want them, with the columns they want and in the order they want.

We also increased the speed of HireHop to make the user experience even more pleasurable.

Labour items features and detailed logging

GDPR CompliantTo be fully compliant with data regulations and to understand what is happening within your company, HireHop Equipment Rental Software have added detailed logging so you know what a user did and what they changed something from and to.

We have also added other features such as decimal quantities for labour items and restricting what depots can see certain contacts, rental stock, sales stock and labour items.


  • You can now have decimal values for labour items throughout HireHop, in supplying lists, autopulls, invoices, POs, etc.
  • In admin mode, you can now change the date and due date of an authorised invoice
  • Enhancements on the reports.
  • Restrict stock, virtual items, consumables and labour to be visible in only certain depots
  • Enhanced logging to make sure you comply with GDPR, helping you avoid huge fines. HireHop is the only hire software to offer this.
  • A few speed enhancements and fixes
  • Ability to set some custom items to never have a shortfall (never go red)

History Logging

New and improved GDPR compliant history logging throughout the system enabling users to view all changes.

Access the History Log from the Menu from Jobs and Projects as well as Hire, Sales, Labour Management and Packages.

No Shortfall Custom Items

If you don’t want a custom item to appear as a shortage, this feature is for you!

Simply tick the ‘no shortfall’ checkbox when creating the custom item, as shown in the image below.

Limit Stock To Depots

For companies that use the multi-depot feature, you can now limit stock items to only be seen and used from certain depots by entering the depot limitations on them within stock management.

This can be applied to Hire, Sales and Labour items, Virtual Items and Packages.

New and Improved HireHop Marketplace

The HireHop online marketplace has been revamped and updated, improving the experience for visitors to the website looking to hire your stock! Click here to search the marketplace and view your listings.

The marketplace is easily searchable through HireHop by users looking to sub-hire equipment, or potential customers searching Google for items that you hire.

To list any hire item on the marketplace, simply navigate Home-Management-Hire Stock Management, edit or create a new item and ensure that a Description (used for marketing) has been entered, alongside a Marketing category. By entering information in these two fields, your item will be added to the marketplace. Note that a price is not required; however is preferred by Google and including a price will likely give your listing a higher Google ranking.

New Reports

More reports have been added and existing ones have been updated to allow for further analysis of your data at the click of a button!

The reports have also been re-designed for better visibility and user experience.

SCA Compliant

We have been working tirelessly over the past months to get HireHop ready for the upcoming EU legislation SCA.

This will not effect your usage of  HireHop and is something that most users will never encounter.

API Extension and More Custom Fields Available

We have added more features to our API, enabling you to add custom fields and even print them in documents.

More User Permissions and Search Filters

We have added more user permissions and more search filters when searching in the home page.

Speed and Security Improvements

HireHop was always fast, we just made it that little bit faster by optimising

Bug Fixes and Other Minor Improvements

HireHop strives to bring your rental company more and more unique features, enabling you to streamline and speed up your admin and workflow, thus saving your business time and money.

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Documents updated in multiple languages

Event Hire Software quote documentsHireHop have revamped all the template documents, giving a more uniform look and feel, as well as making all documents available to all users in Afrikaans, German, English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Slovak and Swedish, regardless what language you have set HireHop to be in.


You now add documents in different languages to your available documents in HireHop. So if all your company speaks English and all the documents you use are English, but you have a customer in Sweden, you can now them send them invoices, quotes, etc. in Swedish by adding the required Swedish documents.

Subscribed users can also customise their documents.  Documents are written in the web standard HTML5 with full CSS and Javascript support, even when being made into PDF documents by HireHop.

No other equipment rental software even comes close to giving you this much power in creating documents. A well presented document sent to your customers makes you stand out from your competitors.  With a professional looking document, your customers can see at a glance the professionalism of your company, as how you present yourself is how your customers will perceive you.

Lots of new features with various updates

Rental company softwareAt HireHop Equipment Rental Software, we have been hard at work in our mission to constantly improve the software by consistently adding features you have asked for.  We have just added a plethora of new and important features that all help make running business far easier.


  • Supplying items can now change charging structure – so if an item is listed as daily, in the supplying list you can change this to a weekly rate for only that item in the supplying list.
  • Locking Jobs – jobs can now be locked in 2 ways to prevent certain job changes. No changes can be made, even in Admin mode, unless the job is unlocked.
    • Manager lock – The manager of the job or an Administrator can unlock the job.
    • Admin Lock – Only the Administrator can unlock the job.
  • New languages available  HireHop is now available in English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish and Slovak.
  • Extra depot limiting permissions – Users can be set permissions to only see jobs, projects, stock, consumables, packages, services and contacts assigned to their own depot only.  There are also permissions to stop users changing their depot and the depots of jobs, stock, etc.
  • Customer signature capture document – The new ‘Signature Receipt’ document allows users to open the document on any device to be signed by the recipient. Once signed pressing save saves a copy of the document and signature to the files tab of the job, capturing the exact time it was signed and the HireHop user who took the signature. If you don’t see this on your list of documents Printable from a job, it can be added from Home-Settings-Documents-New.
  • Users can add a photo and telephone number for themselves in Settings – Documents can also incorporate these extra fields.
  • Report updates and fixes, including a revamped Invoices to be Exported report.
  • Integration with VehoCheck.
  • Custom fields available on invoices, credit notes and purchase orders.
  • Speed improvements and other bug fixes.

HireHop strives to bring your rental company more and more unique features, enabling you to streamline and speed up your admin and workflow, thus saving your business time and money.

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